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HOA Resources & Support

HOA Member Services provides a wealth of information, tools, education, and resources to help HOA decision makers carry out their duties effectively. We are a help desk for homeowners to help them navigate a variety of HOA related issues.

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Manage Your HOA Efficiently

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Make Better-Informed Decisions

HOA Operations are Complicated and Overwhelming

Juggling the many responsibilities of operating an HOA is a lot to deal with. If you find yourself confused, overwhelmed, or frustrated, you’re not alone. We’re here to educate you and have helpful resources to save you time and money.


From keeping up with HOA state laws to finding reliable and licensed vendors, handling community events, and resolving disputes, the challenges are real. But they must be handled. You must make smart decisions while planning ahead to avoid financial and legal problems. And that’s why we’re here to help.


We’ve provided the support, education, tools, and resources you’ll need to make performing your HOA duties easier and hassle-free. As a subscriber, you get access to an extensive library of information, resources, education and expert guidance to enhance your HOA experience.

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All The Help You Need To Make Navigating Your HOA Experience Easier

Extensive library of forms, guides, and statutes

Get all the information you need on HOA-related topics. Our organized collection of state-specific HOA resources, HOA forms prepared by legal counsel, and step-by-step “How-To” guides will make your work much easier.

Personal Support From an Expert

Situations can arise where you need expert help, have questions, or are confused about something. It’s why we’ve enabled you to gain more clarity on HOA-related matters via personal support from an experienced HOA attorney.

HOA Loans for Funding Large Expenses

When capital reserves aren’t enough to fund projects, demanding a special assessment from HOA members may not be the best course of action. Through our affiliation with industry-leading HOA loan experts, you can secure the financing your association needs to cover large expenses.

Exclusive Access to HOA Guides and Forms

We help you save thousands of dollars on resources that will make you more efficient in handling HOA-related matters. Get unlimited free downloads for all the forms and products on the “Pro” and “HOA Team” Plans.

Monthly Newsletters to Keep You Informed

Stay up to date on important HOA-related news and information. Every month, you’ll receive email newsletters containing popular HOA operational tips and featured articles written by HOA industry experts.

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Manage Your HOA Effectively

Educate and empower yourself to handle HOA operations smoothly with access to our extensive library of resources and expert guidance on HOA-related issues.

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HOA Members’ Benefits

Cost-Saving Plan for HOA Team Members

Our cost-effective “HOA Team” plan is ideal for HOA with multiple team members like directors, managers, and administrators. You can add up to 10 more users, and each member can access the full subscription benefits at no extra cost. You also get full control over user access at any time.

24/7, Unrestricted Access to Hundreds of Articles & Case Decisions

We’ve curated an extensive, weekly-updated library of over 425 HOA-related Articles and Course Case Decisions to enhance your HOA experience. Every article is linked with relevant forms and learning guides related to the HOA topic to aid your usage of the information.

Direct Support from an Experienced HOA Attorney

Consulting an experienced attorney can typically cost you up to $400/hour. But when you subscribe to our “Pro” or “HOA Team” plan, you can receive personal support on HOA-related issues via email from an expert attorney at no extra cost.

Quick Links to State-Specific Property Laws and Resources

We’ve made it easy for you to access up-to-date property laws for every state in the US. Quickly review state-specific laws so you can ensure compliance and avoid legal troubles when handling HOA-related matters. You also get direct links to governmental agencies in each state that provide important information concerning licensing, insurance, and business status for vendors and service providers in the state.

Free Downloads on HOA-operational Resources

We help you save thousands of dollars on resources that will make you more efficient in handling HOA-related matters. Get a 25% discount on the “Personal Plan” for over 150 HOA-operational forms, 8 instructive step-by-step guides, and condensed booklets on state laws for most US states. Or better still, get unlimited free downloads for all the resources on the “Pro” and “HOA Team” Plans.

One of a Kind Services

To enhance your HOA experience completely, we go beyond by providing more value-added services like background screening, loan access, an affiliate network of trusted service providers, and more. So we take pride when we say there really is NO other company out there like us that packs a comprehensive suite of HOA-related services in a single, cost-saving subscription package.

Exclusive Subscriber Only Mailings

Every month, you’ll receive our monthly email newsletter featuring popular HOA operational tips, articles written by HOA industry experts, and other important HOA-related news to keep you informed.

Free Copy of “HOA LIVING”

As a subscriber, you get a free, downloadable copy of “HOA LIVING,” our informative and educational guide on the mechanics of living in or working with a Homeowners Association valued at $14.99.

Make Your HOA Experience Easy

Manage Your HOA Efficiently

Reduce your workload and save time with quick, unlimited access to a wealth of information and expert guidance on HOA-related matters.

Make Better-Informed Decisions

Smart decision-making requires due diligence and research on your part. Get the information, support, and resources you need to make to make intelligent decisions protecting the interests of the association’s members.

Achieve HOA Goals

We make accomplishing your association’s goals possible by giving you the tools and resources necessary to enforce effective HOA management and strong leadership.