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Condominium and HOA Boards may encounter a situation where their income and reserves are insufficient and unable to meet their capital needs. Although a special assessment can be mandated, often this is not the ideal situation. 

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HOA Member Services has developed a series of background screening packages that are designed for use by homeowners associations in connection with their evaluation of candidates for positions that are commonly filled within associations such as directors, officers, property managers, security personnel, maintenance personnel and third-party service providers.

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Recent Articles & Case Decisions

Court Applies Business Judgment Rule to Settle HOA Dispute over Boat Slip

Court Applies Business Judgment Rule to Settle HOA Dispute over Boat Slip

This case pertained by an action filed by a condominium owner (“Owner”) against her homeowner’s association (“Association”) over a decision by Association’s board of directors to reduce the width of a boat slip that belonged to Owner by 1 ½ feet in order to remove an encroachment onto a neighboring owner’s property.



A homeowner’s association, through its board of directors, has a duty to enforce its governing documents and an association’s failure to enforce its restrictions can result in a legal action against the association by members for its failure to enforce the rules.

A New Year Brings New HOA Budgets

A New Year Brings New HOA Budgets

As nonprofit corporations, homeowner’s associations must establish budgets each year so that the revenue received by the association is sufficient to pay for, but does not exceed, the projected expenses for the year.

Homeowners Associations Should Have a Directors’ Code of Conduct

Homeowners Associations Should Have a Directors’ Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of a homeowner’s association (“Association”) is primarily responsible for managing and directing the business and affairs of the Association in a manner that the Board determines, in good faith, to be to the advantage and in the best interests of the members of the Association.


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Alternative Payment Plans

This “How-To” guide describes the steps that should be followed by a homeowners association in order to adopt policies and procedures relative to alternative payment schedules that are designed to enable homeowners who are delinquent in the payment of assessments and/or other amounts that are owed to the association to become current.

What’s Included?

  • A 6 part procedure outlining how to properly review state statutes and association governing documents, adopt guidelines for, plan, itemize, prepare, and establish alternative payment plans for the payment of delinquent assessments.
  • 10 Recommended easy to use forms to assist in properly adopting guidelines to establish an alternative payment schedule.