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Understanding the Difference Between HOA Directors and Officers

Virtually all states have statutes and all HOAs have bylaws and/or other governing documents which mandate that the association have at least the following officers: President, secretary and treasurer, but many wonder what is the difference between HOA directors and officers. Association bylaws also generally contain provisions that: (i) allow for additional officers at the discretion of the board of directors; and (ii) provide a description of the duties of each officer.

Frequently, Association members are confused about the difference between HOA directors and officers. The directors are elected by the members of the association to serve for specific terms that are contained in the association's bylaws, and the officers are elected by, and serve at the pleasure of, the board of directors. Thus, the officers can be removed and replaced at any time by action of the board. Another distinction is that the officers have no voting rights, whereas the directors do.