Understanding Member Rights re Inspection of HOA Books and Records

Members of a homeowners’ association may typically inspect the association’s accounting books and records and the minutes of association meetings for any purpose that is reasonably related to his or her interests as a member of the association. State statutes may specify exactly what constitutes a proper or an improper purpose. Some statutes may also include provisions that require a member who is requesting certain records to state the purpose of his or her request (i.e. a request for a membership list), and that the stated purpose must be reasonably related to the requesting party’s interest as a member of the association. Other statutes may contain provisions that prohibit the improper use of the association’s books and records (using them for a purpose that is not reasonably related to the member’s interest as a member of the association) and allow for actions to be brought by an association for injunctive relief (a court order preventing certain conduct) and an award of damages against a member who violates the statutory limitations on the use of the books and records.