California HOA Election Laws – 2020


A Guide for Homeowners Association Members and Management Personnel Based on California Statutes Effective January 1, 2020 (83 Pages).

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There was an extensive overhaul to election procedures that homeowners associations in California must comply with. The purpose of this guide is to provide well intentioned and hard-working members of a homeowners association who step-up and take on the responsibility of serving as a director of the association with steps that should be followed by a homeowners’ association in order to comply with the 2020 changes to the HOA election statutes in California.

What’s Included?

  • A 10 step plan describing the steps that should be followed by a homeowners’ association in order to conduct membership voting and elections by secret ballot and the process for challenging a vote or election that has not been properly conducted.

Step #1: Review State Statutes and Association Governing Documents
Step #2: Adopt or Review “Election Operating Rules”
Step #3: Set Important Key Dates
Step #4: Call for Nominations of Candidates
Step #5: Post Nomination Proceedings
Step #6: Board Meeting re Disqualification of Nominees and Appointment of Inspector(s)
Step #7: Prepare and Distribute a Pre-Ballot Notice
Step #8: Distribution of Ballots and Member Voting
Step #9: Member or Board Meeting to Count Ballots (Election Day)
Step #10: Challenging the Election Process


  • 16 Easy-to-Use Forms to assist a homeowner’s association in properly conducting membership votes and elections by secret ballot.
  • Condensed copy of the 2020 California Statute’s pertaining to Elections