Homeowners Association Management Software

Operating a homeowners association requires constant interaction with the providers of many different services and products. We help you locate the right vendor or service provider for your HOA through our network of trusted affiliates who provide services and products that are commonly utilized by homeowners associations.  Start your 15 Day Free Trial with Buildium today!

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The demands placed on the average property manager by association owners and residents on a daily basis can be overwhelming. If anything gets missed, or takes too long, it can have a serious effect on the reputation of the property management team and of the Homeowners Association board members.

HOA Member Services has partnered with Condo Communities to provide board members, residents and managers with an innovative, cost effective, and efficient software solution to help you manage and take care of fulfilling residents’ requests, improve productivity and provide added service and benefits to residents.

Benefits of Condo Communities HOA Software

Improved Efficiency and Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Many of the jobs that a property manager must complete are repetitive manual tasks. The solution can automate many of these tasks in order to free up some time. For example, when a resident wishes to book one of the building’s amenities, it’s no longer necessary to phone or visit the manager’s office. Instead, residents can book it online at any time of the day or night and even pay for it online using a credit card. The amenity bookings features also ensures that double booking don’t happen.

The same holds true for visitor parking requests. Through the portal, residents can log into the system, enter their visitor’s information and the system automatically alerts security to them in.

Better Workflow

The way in which business is conducted improves greatly when the flow of work is assisted by the CondoCommunities.com tool. For example, a resident can submit a maintenance/service request by logging into their portal. The property manager is then immediately notified of the request and the system can keep track of the issue until it is resolved. Through the purchase order management module, requests for service can be made to a supplier/vendor, and the system automatically notifies the property manager when the purchase order has either been accepted of declined.

Better Reporting and Communication

Through the document vault module, crucial records like board minutes and condo/HOA by-laws can be quickly uploaded and shared with owners. The system also allows sending building announcements and notices quickly and easily, so that residents are always kept up-to-date on the latest events, upcoming upgrades or changes going on.

Greater Value for Their Condo/HOA Fees

Implementing the CondoCommunities.com portal that residents can use that will make their interactions with the property management team, the condo/HOA board and security easier and more convenient is something that is sure to be well received.

Get started below and enjoy the great benefits of HOA Software today!