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Perform Background Screening

Homeowners associations utilize people in many different  capacities who are in a position to cause financial harm to the association and physical harm to its members. Performing a background check is crucial to minimize the risk of harm that could be devastating to a homeowners association. Our affiliate provides comprehensive background screening solutions that may be tailored to fit the needs of any homeowners association.

Software for Resident and Management Portals

Proper management of a homeowners association can be overwhelming, and is complicated by frequent changes in officers, directors, and management personnel. Our affiliate, Condo Communities, provides homeowners associations and their directors, homeowners and managers with an innovative, cost effective, and efficient software solution to facilitate management of the association, improve productivity and provide added service and benefits to association members, their tenants and guests .

Find Service Providers

Homeowners associations and their members frequently need to engage the services of professionals to perform maintenance and repairs or construct improvements to the association’s common areas, or the members’ separate interests. Our affiliate, Home Advisor, facilitates the selection of a reputable, licensed and trusted service providers than can satisfy the needs of homeowners associations and their members.


Get HOA Loans

Condominium and HOA Boards sometimes find their income and reserves insufficient to meet their capital needs. Although a special assessment can be mandated, often this is not the ideal situation. HOA Member Services has established an affiliation with HOA Lending Exchange, a company that works with a network of lenders that specialize in homeowners’ association loans.  When they receive an inquiry from a homeowners association, information concerning the desired loan is transmitted to multiple lenders who offer the loan products that are desired. To be more competitive, HOA Lending Exchange does not charge the homeowners association a brokerage fee.